Zippo lighter dating guide

In 2001, the last two digits of the year were used along with the same letters for the months, and that system continues today.

Slim Zippo lighters were introduced in 1956 and had no date code on the bottom of the lighter. From 1957 through 1965, slims had different bottom date codes than did regular size Zippo lighters.

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In fairness to the author I don't believe that is the author's fault, since he was not able to complete it and his incomplete manuscript was taken over for completion.

It's very difficult to work from someone else's notes and files, and it's admirable that the book was completed, after all."Price Guide" : The problem with any kind of written price guide is that they are outdated and obsolete even before they are published.

Lewis is an author, college professor, and farmer in Michigan.

Among his books are American Farm Collectibles, Heddon Catalogs: Over 50 Years of Great Fishing, and Collecting Antique Bird Decoys and Duck Calls, 3rd Edition.

These codes provided him with the date of manufacture, should a defect be found, allowing him to maintain records of repairs.