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Weapons found in the house point to the fact that this occurred during a war and rebellion against the Roman forces.

He has been having a long-distance relationship with a 22-year-old woman based in North Carolina who 'sounds just like Marilyn Monroe' and is 'exceptionally intelligent'. Four people have lifted the lid on what it is like to date partners with a 40 year or more age gap.

One 31-year-old admitted he likes older women because of their life experience (file photo used) Someone who would disagree with that, however, is 'Brad' who shared details about a previous long-term sexual relationship he had with a 62-year-old when he was in his early twenties, revealing that he prefers older women because they are 'amazing in bed' and they 'know what they want'.

"Their lives are completely different from granny sitting in her easy chair.

For the first time, they’re an attractive sexual proposition — and this, says Eagly, will create a permanent difference in the way we live.

As Jerusalem was built in layers, the house is 6 meters (20 feet) below the current street level, under Tif'eret Israel Street in the Jewish Quarter.