who was hugh dancy dating before claire danes - What type of questions do dating sites ask

Find out what he’s looking for, and if it sounds like you may be the girl of his dreams, keep talking. Whether you’re meeting someone online, at a bar, through a mutual friend, or at the grocery store, you should always inquire about what they are looking for.

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What type of questions do dating sites ask

And on the flip side, be honest with them and see how they respond.

And if they don't respond at all, people might say, "I don't know, it's too deep of a question." You have to ask yourself, "Do you want to be with somebody who would be that quick to shut down?

And really listen, pay attention, have a little conversation about it.

And then when they quiet off a little bit, look them solid in the eye and say to them, "Do I seem like I'm that kind of woman? What it does is, you can see the other person get uncomfortable. You don't want to go into too much detail but I would listen to see if you hear, "Oh, it was mutual." I think that's BS. Somebody has to pull the trigger, even if both people are unhappy.

" but more along the lines of, "What about me in particular made me stand out?


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