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To avoid damaging your running system, upgrading should only be done from one release to the next release (e.g.Ubuntu 12.04 to Ubuntu 12.10) or from one LTS release to the next (e.g. If you wish to 'skip' a version, you can back up your data and do a fresh installation, or progressively upgrade to each successive version.

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Supported versions of Ubuntu have finished their testing and are reliable and recommended for everyday normal use.

This is what you would usually have installed on your machine.

This is the main reason why we are upgrading first to 6.10 'Edgy' as a stepping stone to Feisty Fawn.

To enable an upgrade from Dapper 6.06 to Ubuntu edgy 6.10, we get into the command-line terminal and use the following command gksu update-manager -c -d This invokes the update manager with the -c and -d switches which direct the update manager to look for updates, and consider pre-release versions of applications.

However, users still trying to do an upgrade can find instructions in this guide and may find suggestions at this page.