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OS X 10.11.4 isn’t a huge release, but there are definitely some changes worth noting.

You’ll find that Live Photos can now be transferred from an i OS device to your Mac using Air Drop, which is convenient and keeps those animated pictures intact.

However, the PC interface controlling receipt of distributions is different for the various versions of Windows: With any OS before Windows Vista, an update that required a PC reboot would display a dialog box every few minutes which would request that the machine be rebooted.

In Windows Vista and Windows 7, the same dialog box allows entry of a time period, up to four hours, before another dialog box appears -- however, some updates that require a reboot may create a displayed countdown, at the end of which the computer will reboot no matter what the current user on the PC is doing, causing possible problems if data is not saved or the user is in the middle of a game.

My niece just bought the sims 3 and the minimum required is leopard 10.5.7 to play it on a mac.


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