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The coordinates for Paradise given in the opening Credits ("42°40677' N, 70°81223' W") are not valid coordinates. Acting is OK all around, especially from the underrated Tom Selleck, who does a fine job portraying the flinty, laconic police chief Jesse Stone, whose dialogue seems to come right out of a Hemingway novel.It is not even possible that there are only decimal points missing ("42°40.677' N, 70°81.223' W") because the value for minutes cannot be greater than 59.999', so "70°81.223' W" cannot be part of valid coordinates. It should be mentioned that, although made for television, it stands up very well as a straight movie.

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Town Council, begins moonlighting for his friend, State Homicide Commander Healy, by investigating a series of murders in ...

See full summary » After his involuntary retirement, Jesse Stone investigates the suspicious death of a young friend while the Paradise police force deals with the arrogant new chief, who is the son-in-law of a town councilman.

Frank had heard that Officer Clark had put in his transfer papers and he hadn’t wanted to know why.

And so Clark had put his mind at ease because he said that the incident with Frank hadn’t been why he wanted to transfer to Nassau County.

So Frank had to pull rank just to get the young man to follow orders by cleaning up after himself. He had picked up his cigarette bud and later he had created a caricature of Frank that was distributed throughout the precincts.