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While much is written about mean girls, it’s important for parents to realize how much fun this time can be socially for their daughters.“In sixth and seventh grades, girls get excited about becoming preteens and having their own world,” says Catherine Steiner-Adair.Klunk’s secretary contacted her to see if her students would...

Some girls function as leaders, others as followers, and the rest live outside the groups.

Some of these girls don’t care, while others desperately want to belong.

It might or might not be there.” The social hierarchy intensifies in middle school.

Cliques get clique-ier, the need to be in power intensifies, and girls can get meaner — and much of this behavior stems from the intense desire to belong, the need to feel powerful, and the conditioning that many girls have to not express their feelings directly.

But there is hope: “By eighth grade, in a certain sense, girls are done being mean to each other.