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“It’s interesting too because that divide creates internal problems with each character because they now have to fight each other but they all are still a team.

They’re all friends and have shared experiences together so there’s a lot of rub going on with having to go fight.

But destiny, as she finds out in this journey, brings along obstacles in the trickiest ways. And I've waited all this time to finally do something, and fully intend to--thanks to the spiked orange juice I smuggled in the back of the cab. are probably not correct and have most likely been imagined by yours truly.

It was like all of the stars had aligned perfectly for this one night. I do not own any of those characters nor know them, adfsjkl etc. Sure, he still wanted her, but more importantly, he needed for her to be there, to support him, hell, to acknowledge his existence would have been nice.

With Scarlet Witch, it’s more my leadership and big-brother attitude that she needs more than my abilities.


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    But after the exposition, there I realized that Eli Soriano knew beforehand who is going to ask questions and what questions will they ask.