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“We are comfortable in life, we can do the things we want, and our children will be well-cared for.” Find more resources for physician families and relationships at the AMA Alliance website and with , the AMA Alliance’s quarterly magazine.

Tell us: Are you dating or married to a healthcare professional? Let us know in a comment below or at the AMA Facebook page.

That’s why we have put together a doctor dating guide to help give you the advice you need to make the most of dating a doctor.

Take a look: From long shifts to irregular hours, it can often feel that as single doctors, you just don’t have the time to meet new people. We know that dating with a medical career can be difficult, that’s one of the main reasons we created Uniform Dating in the first place – to make sure people with busy work schedules had a place to meet, and those who wanted to find people like you, knew exactly where to look.

“As a doctor, you’re taught that you’re the decision-maker.


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