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Park underlined that Christian voices in Korea are often the most prevalent and therefore their messages are heard by the majority of the public.A recent study by the Pew Research Center demonstrates that 57 percent of those residing in South Korea believe homosexuality is morally unacceptable whereas 18 percent indicated it is morally acceptable and 21 percent said it was not a moral issue.

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“The gist of it was warning me to leave him alone and stop corrupting him with my evil ways.”A huge majority of lesbians and gays in South Korea are living double lives, hiding their true identities from their colleagues, friends, and their families.“I used to talk about my girlfriend as a male and made up stories when people asked about her. Kim’s mother had a very physical reaction when she came out of the closet.“First she was really shocked and I thought she would die!

I wrote down a fake boyfriend to remember what he likes and what he does, and I felt so stupid and crazy. After that she tried to make me have a boyfriend.”Kim’s mother avoided discussing her daughter’s sexuality for the last two years but now her mother’s friends try to force her to marry.“I feel like butcher’s meat which should be sold before the expiry date.

Latin American Cesar Andres spent six months in the gay scene in South Korea and learned a lot about the challenges faced by homosexuals in Korea.“The majority of them have double lives.

Even some of them married girls and had families due to family pressure,” Cesar said.

“The entire Christian community must stand up and stop homosexuality.”Juneyoung Lee is a board member of an affirming church and active member of the LGBT community.“[Pastors say] the sons and daughters coming out of the closet, that you are not doing your duty as a son or daughter because this is against Confucianistic way on which our society is woven. It was the pastor and pastor’s wife’s fault that he died.”A survey by the Korean Sexual-Minority Culture and Rights Center reveals that 76 percent of young Koreans who identify with a sexual minority have considered suicide and 58 percent have attempted suicide.


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    In addition, sex offenders may groom criminal justice and other institutions into believing that they present no risk to children, which can be termed “institutional grooming.” Although not all child sexual abuse involves grooming, it is a common process used by offenders.

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