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From 1933 to the mid 50s, the word Zippo was stamped in block letters. What began as a quality-control tool for Zippo founder George G. To identify a potential pattern in any run of lighters returned for repair, the bottom of every Zippo lighter was encoded with a series of markings.The Zippo script logo was developed in the late 40s and was phased-in on the lighter bottom stamp around 1955. Since the 1950s, those markings provide a way to accurately date most Zippo lighters. Blaisdell's world-famous guarantee that "It works or we fix it free™" still covers every Zippo windproof pocket lighter today. Reynolds seeks to protect its right to communicate product differences to adult smokers, while preventing perceptions that any of its products have a “characterizing flavor” as defined under the FSPTCA.

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Reynolds and other cigarette manufacturers signed in November 1998 sets forth numerous tobacco-marketing restrictions. (The remainder of the voluntary code was included in or superseded by the MSA.) These rules state: The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act of 2009 (FSPTCA) bans the manufacture and sale of cigarettes that have a characterizing flavor other than tobacco or menthol.

Reynolds continues to follow several rules, as stated in the Voluntary Cigarette Advertising and Promotion Code, regarding cigarette advertising.

Newport est le numéro un des cigarettes mentholées aux États-Unis, depuis 2005, et le second le plus populaire est Kool.

Les cigarettes mentholées sont particulièrement populaires dans la communauté afro-américaine, la même enquête de 2005 a montré que 79 % des ventes totales de cigarettes destinées aux Afro-Américains sont des cigarettes mentholées.

On the strength of the canal question, which he had made a political issue, 5/1/1879 to 6/24/1954 - "NOTICE - The manufacturer of the cigarettes herein contained has complied with all the requirements of law.