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As I write this post, the blog has been live for two and a half weeks, and has received 9500 views.

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On the evening of July 23rd 2013, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge introduced the newborn royal baby to the world on the steps of St. If anything, ‘GSOH” was so nice and normal that it’s rather difficult to give him a nickname based on a first impression.

And the Good Sense of Humour genuinely wasn’t his only redeeming feature!

He said he’d only read a few paragraphs of the blog, but had then stopped, not wanting to read anymore until he had met me.

I explained about the Henley Boy, and my reason for starting the challenge, and then I told him some of the stories of peoples’ reactions so far to the blog.

After last week’s date at the Reading Fringe Festival Burlesque performance, I couldn’t help feeling that I’m in the middle of my own mini fringe festival, with all these cultural dates!