Godaddy email forwarding validating mx record

I would have to modify the godaddy MX records and possibly cname entries to somehow point to TCH.You’re now ready to set up Gmail as your business email for your domain ( OA to proxy from 2013 to 2007, the IISAuthentication Methods on 2007 must be reconfigured to support both Basic and NTLM.

godaddy email forwarding validating mx record-13

So I went to Go Daddy and clicked on "Forwarding" and it asked me for the url.

I now need it to point to our real estate site at Keller Williams.

I have a ticket open but I'm just not understanding what the tech is telling me. I "believe" If you open a ticket here explaining what you are trying to accomplish we can work out a solution for you but it may involve you pointing your name servers back to us.

I think my above link applies to if you are hosting at Go Daddy.

So now ALL entries to my website are forwarded to the Keller Williams website.


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