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I asked him point blank before he left if I would see him when he got back and he said yes, absolutely... It's been a week tonight since I've heard a peep from him at all, so I guess at this point I need to again take the hint huh? If a twenty-something woman is having any difficulty meeting men online, then all I can figure is that she has unrealistic expectations. That's a 99.5% rejection rate, or 199 out of 200 people. )Kiki, I can only go on what I read here, but you actually do seem rather desperate to be with someone.

This is the third time I've really liked someone and had them do the fade. You may not call all the time or whatever, but you can still give off the vibe.

Perhaps, having that week off between the dates, gives the other party an opportunity to miss you a bit and to think about you a little more.

Other than that, shrug it off, we've all been there and many of us we'll be there many times going forward.

I met a wonderful (or so I thought) guy a few weeks ago and I thought wow, maybe my luck is changing! I'm just saying that considering the gender imbalance at younger ages, I can't comprehend any other possible explanation.* * (Edit: I feel this needs further explanation.


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    Annnnnnd, please, please when he walks up to you, be open and friendly. I went on started going to groups that interested me. If he is confident in what he has to offer, this won’t bother him. Not in the same way men are, but we are just the same. Maybe that’s why we are hypersensitive about what our man thinks of us. If he complains about something, does that mean that we’re not good enough? I listen to my girlfriends after every dating incidence that goes nowhere.

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