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For an example of how to specify a cascading delete, see The Entity Framework and ASP. page that you will be creating, you want to provide a drop-down list of instructors, with names in "last, first" format so that users can select department administrators.To make it easier to do that, you will create a view in the database.In the database diagram, right-click the table, and select Relationships.

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The view will consist of just the data needed by the drop-down list: the full name (properly formatted) and the record key.

In Server Explorer, expand file, right-click the design surface, and select Update Model from Database. Store), right-click v Instructor Name and select Properties.

This abstraction layer is implemented by creating an interface and using the interface when you instantiate the repository in the business-logic class.

This makes it possible for you to provide the business-logic class with a reference to any object that implements the repository interface.

For normal operation, you provide a repository object that works with the Entity Framework.