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Take a walk through time within this former hunting lodge of King John from the 13th century, spend a peaceful moment in his Chapel, rest your feet in his bed-chamber, and wonder who spent time in the debtors prison and met their grizzly end on the Castle gallow.

All bedrooms are full of character with amazingly well-preserved Castle features, original stone walls & features from the Medieval to Victorian period (when the Castle was extensively renovated as a family home). The only exception is Isobel’s which does have sinks and a double bed, with single over.

Working for the YHA for over 10 years, I have been privileged to spend time in fabulous locations (including the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales and Devon), sharing customer experiences and journeys, and developing new skills and interests along the way, including, since my arrival in the Forest of Dean, richly rewarding school activity packages & YHA Summer Camps.

YHA members get up to £3 off each night of their stay plus other benefits like high street discounts and access to the exclusive YHA membership newsletter, The Wanderer.

With a few notable exceptions, only the most prestigious restaurants are actually open on Christmas Day and fancy dining spots cannot resist delivering the festive meal with their own gourmet twists.


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