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"The belief that a woman's only place is in the home is pretty much gone, and I'm all for it," says Fisher."I think this is a great hope for humanity.""These days people are terrified of divorce," she continues.If classic novels, rock music, and the best scenes in taught me anything, it's that the first break-up is the big one.

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They need time and experience to get to know that person through sex and perfect their sex life together before committing long term."Though she has spent much research dismantling myths about women in love (especially in her 1999 book The First Sex: The Natural Talents of Women and How They Are Changing The World), she firmly believes that men have yet to undergo the same analysis when it comes to the ways they interact in love.

The last 50 years have been devoted to understanding how women actually behave in relationships, yet when it comes to men, we stick to same stereotypical notions that men are commitment-phobic, adulterers, hyper-sexual, and insensitive.

Photo by Asa Mathat via Flickr user Pop Tech Fisher first gained international fame when she and her colleagues put 49 people into a brain scanner (f MRI) to study the brain circuitry involved in romantic love.

Fisher and her neurological experts concluded that romantic love is basic drive, like hunger or thirst, that operates below all cognitive thinking and feeling; she equated the concept with cocaine.

They fall in love sooner; when they meet someone they are in love with, they want to introduce her to friends and family sooner; they want to move in sooner." She says this goes for both gay and straight men in love.


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