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Yet I have to admit that I’ve never felt quite so neutral about a country before. When Luke told me he was a part investor in a hobbit hole, I was 0% surprised, because that is just the way that Luke rolls.

At one point, I texted my friend Kristin, the only other person I know who has publicly admitted to being underwhelmed by Guatemala, with a simple question. What I surprised by, as a non-Lord of the Rings fan, was how much I enjoyed this little slice of whimsy heaven.

We collect the best girls from many Slavic countries, but our attention is focused on Russian singles.

If you do not know why – you obviously haven’t met Russian single brides.

It’s the perfect place for a lazy Sunday afternoon of cocktails and conversation, and of course, the best views in Antigua.


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    I should mention that at this last juncture I was also being recruited by Randy Blue, and in retrospect I wish I had gone with them instead. At that time I thought I was going to remain in the thirty-something closet (since I was still, at that time, dancing under the declared age of 24). Perhaps this was to play up some sort of diversity concept? If I seem quiet, shy, and/or tentative in the videos on Sean Cody it is because of the direction I was given by the crew moments before filming: “Okay, don’t talk with your hands; don’t use any big words; and keep your voice kinda deep.” “So, you want me to speak as I am right now? The way you just said ‘right now’ was totally perfect.” “Okay.” “So you understand? I understand perfectly.” I felt compelled to move and speak as little as possible, because I was afraid I would ruin their film and not get paid. In the end they edited out anything I said that gave me any type of personality. But it got worse every time Fuller would say, “Man, you are doing awesome! For a moment I want to talk about the breeder on set. I’d already prepaid for the trip we took to the mountains, which happened to be the same dates as the filming for the third video. I knew that I had signed an exclusive contract that did not include a guarantee for further work; however, I had felt compelled to sign it when I did the solo, because it seemed I would definitely NOT get more work without signing it. I do not believe the contact could be upheld in a court of law, but I didn’t feel like testing it (or paying for the litigation/arbitration to test the theory).

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    Sometimes I add the “LOL” or even parenthetically write something like “written with a smirk and a glint in the eye, so the reader recognizes that this is just a joke”. Earlier this year I dated a former Playboy Playmate of the Year who used to be on Baywatch, that I met on yahoo personals.

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    The court said it was up to Congress to decide who had that authority.