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Along with the programs, the company also provides for security personnel aboard ships to ensure better vessel and crew protection.Marsec also collaborates with marine security forces of individual countries to achieve its security purpose better. Neptune Maritime Security: The Company’s security servicing is very unique as it offers customised maritime protection to counter maritime piracy.

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The company also provides extensive security to check shipping piracy.

This security measure includes appropriate prevention methods and prompt responsive services in case of any emergency scenarios.

Working in communications intelligence and communications technology, he served two tours in Vietnam as well as at Quantico Marine Base.

He finally found one that appealed to his interests. In the Vietnam War I had a grenade go off between my legs, blowing off my testicles."The interviewer, quite shocked, said "All right, you're hired.

He grew up the son of migrant workers in the small Rio Grande Valley town of Pharr, where, from age 11 until he went off to college, he was a newspaper carrier for the Mc Allen Monitor. He was also based in California, Hawaii, North Carolina, Virginia Beach and at Marine Corps Headquarters in Arlington.


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