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What I’ve realized, in my experience and research, is that a Relationship Scam is not necessarily one where a girl just wants your money.

The reality is that a scam can be dating or having a serious relationship with a girl who has a certain agenda with you, meaning that she’s dating you to get something out of you: it could be your money, it could be emotional satisfaction, it could be sexual pleasure, or even certain rights or a certain status, like “being the girlfriend of a star” or getting the citizenship of you country (especially if you’re American) or anything else, without actually being sincerely in love with you.

The common request being that “you are her last hope” and nobody else can help her with money at that moment.

And if you refuse to comply, she will try to make you feel guilty and greedy, put more pressure on you and even blackmail you.

A large number of online dating services are available these days.


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