Crimes involving internet dating

Victims of Internet crime experience the same distress as victims of crimes in the physical world.Also, some Internet crimes, such as stalking and solicitation of a minor, can lead to physical world confrontations.

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Soon, however, as the potential of cyberspace as a tool for communication and commerce began to be better understood and its population skyrocketed, the need for a more sophisticated form of control, a system of law, became apparent.

It is worth noting that, although the early citizens of cyberspace are an increasingly tiny percentage of the population of cyberspace, their attitude was the seed of what has come to be called the ‘hacker ethic’, a belief that information should be free, which is at the root of a substantial amount of today’s Internet crime.

Finally, the task of preserving digital evidence is examined.

The term ‘Internet’ once referred to a particular distributed group of networked computers.

When one speaks of Internet crime it matters greatly whose definition of ‘crime’ is used.