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S.-based designs firms, both publicly and privately held, based on design-specific revenue.

“This has transformed into a showcase of technology, from the piles to the caps to the deck to the railing,” says Antonio Nanni, chair of the engineering college at the University of Miami, which is participating in project monitoring. “A pile-driving program will commence, with a minimum depth of 27 feet,” says Zachary Stringer, co-construction manager with FDOT.

“Carbon FRP will be used on the pilings.” The carbon-fiber composite cable (CFCC) is “a stranded polymer that consists of twisted fibers and thermosetting epoxy resin,” says Yoshiaki Yamamoto, president and CEO of Tokyo Rope USA, the manufacturer.

The product was first deployed on a bridge in Michigan in 2001.

As of this year, there will be 21 applications in the U. CFCC can be easily wound into a coil or on a reel, he adds. will install the 18-in.-dia piles from 55 ft to 70 ft deep.

FDOT originally intended to build the new bridge to test the Hybrid Composite Beam (HCB), a glass-fiber-reinforced plastic shell with high-strength, continuous steel fibers placed along the bottom flange and filled with self-consolidating concrete (ENR 4/12/10 p. The bridge’s five spans will consist of nine 36-ft HCBs fabricated by authorized manufacturer Kenway Corp.


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