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She says: I wish had a better story so I could give the people what they want, but alas, my tale, like the date, is a bore. This date was too boring to warrant a second drink.

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For a background on the creation of ATL Courtship Connection, see My Weird Hobby: Matchmaking Lawyers.

ATL Courtship Connection, Chicago, Courtship Connection, I'm really glad I never had to deal with the Chicago dating scene, Illinois, Midwestern niceness, Romance and Dating, You can't wait until the second round of drinks to start being interesting Law firms blow a lot of rhetorical hot air affirming their commitment to achieving gender diversity in the workplace. My career plan had been to become a researcher at a pharmaceutical company, but I just didn’t enjoy spending hot […] It’s no secret that the population is getting older.

That’s normally great, but it made me feel as if I was a lush, as she was drinking at a rather fair pace. That’s more of a reason to throw caution to the wind on a Wednesday night. There is an inverse relationship between boredom and alcohol on a first date.

But Brainiac says it wasn’t her failure to knock ’em back that made for a lackluster evening.

I swear I stepped on a crunchy leaf in the parking lot yesterday, though.


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    Maybe this is because I’ve only had three glasses of wine so far. He asks if we’ll hang out again and I say I don’t know, that I’m a little weirded out by the age difference.

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