secunia not updating flash - Cfgridupdate not updating

Mappings are proper and are working with the register form. but that will update the user in the context, and then we will need to save changes to the dbcontext of the Identity.

So, the question is how to get the Identity DBcontext in the easiest way. Is Null Or Empty(form["Last Name"])) Identity Result result = await User Manager.

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To solve this, we should not create the I can confirm that for this example the last line was most definitely required to persist the changes to the database. Update Async(user); The User Manager Factory setting line of code is what you use to associate your custom Data Context with the User Manager.

This is using the latest stable version of Identity 2 available for a webforms application. I also had problems using Update Async when developing a version of Simple Security that uses ASP. For example, I added a feature to do a password reset that needed to add a password reset token to the user information. Once you have done that, then you can get an instance of the User Manager in your Api Controller and the User Manager.

Windows Update gets stuck on "checking for updates"-goes no further.

Tried the troubleshooter - stuck on "resolving issues".

But it looks like -- original answer removed -- Based on your comment to my original answer, there is now an implied assumption that Category_ID is a foreign key, possibly on a join table, that cannot (for whatever reason) be included in the initial display query--or, that you simply wish to include a dynamic variable into the grid which will be included during inline inserts, without the user intervening (ie.