Avg very slow updating

No web checker, no email scanner, no surf-safe, etc.None of those features make you any safer because the real-time scanner will flag anything on access.After any antivirus scanner has been installed in a computer, it will be loaded into the computers memory each time the computer boots.

avg very slow updating-47

my only uses 15MBYEs THAT IS A LOT OF system REsorces!

15 whole Megabytes anti virus enabledanti spyware enabledanti rootkit enabled is eating 58Megabytes/internet explorer is using 100's of megabytes help me free upsome RAMI have now installed the AVG 8 as suggested in Falcon04's post.

To do this right-click on the icon associated with the antivirus in the Windows Notification Area (bottom right portion of the screen) and view the Control Center or Properties of the scanner.

For example, AVG users can adjust their scan settings by following the steps below.

(see below)To be sure that AVG 8 was not slowing me down, I installed it on my old laptop, IBM T23, 1.1 processor, 512 ram and a slowpoke 4,200 rpm hard drive.