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This orientation is also evident in their relations with the media, which tend to be quite cordial.In a nation that has become increasingly divided in the decade since the Clinton impeachment saga and mired in bitter partisan rhetoric as a seemingly unending war drags on in a time economic uncertainty, the optimistic John Edwards a compassionate, conciliatory man may well be the right man at the right time for America.

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These people are normally very acute and observant.

The understanding and accomodating nature of Water Rat makes them to be respected and helps them to be able to promote their talents.

They tend to be less ideological than highly dominant leaders like Hillary Clinton, with the notable exception that they typically resonate to liberal notions of fairness, equality, and nurturing the neediest members of society. 15 Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas, when moderator Tim Russert asked Edwards about his greatness weakness, he responded, I sometimes have a very powerful emotional response to pain that I see around me. And I feel that in a really personal way and in a very emotional way.

Because they are predisposed to see government as a community of interlocking parts with shared interests in containing conflict and enhancing common values, accommodating leaders invest considerable energy in maintaining good relations and empowering members of their advisory circle.

The Unit for the Study of Personality in Politics, in collaboration with Mc Gill University political scientist Blema Steinberg, developed a model that maps out the links between personality and executive leadership style.