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We want to be able to do that, and we’re at the point right now where our technology is there, we just need to figure out which community is the next best one for us to go to and just start building that up and making that happen.

So, we wanted to provide them with affordable places that were inactive, underused and vacant, and connect them to those places or connect them to events, corporations or whoever wants to support local, small businesses.

The whole concept came up because of the small businesses, and so we put a lot of emphasis on that.

We had so many people wish us luck and send it out to their friends and their family and it just showed us how much our community really supports what we’re doing, and they want to see us help more businesses and help more people in different communities around the world. The pop-up economy has kind of been very informal for decades.

I’m really excited for this competition and the entire Festival and getting to meet everybody and being in D. There hasn’t been a lot of ways for people to even know where pop-ups are happening or where the opportunities are to pop-up their brand.

If our vendors don’t have a good experience, they’re not going to come back to us and we want our vendors to come back and have a great experience and keep coming back.