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it enables to track over 170 postal carriers for registered mail, parcel, ems and multiple.Courier services & cheap christmas delivery | send , Send a parcel from only £2.19 exc vat this christmas.…und mehr, Kaufen und verkaufen sie elektronikartikel, autos, kleidung, mode, sammlerstücke, sportartikel, digitalkameras, babyartikel, gutscheine und vieles mehr bei ebay, dem.

The shipping service is USPS First Class Package and the estimated delivery date is May 2, 2015 but I didn t received my package today.

I just checked the tracking information but it just says the same thing it did on April 30, 2015.

How long should I wait before I contact the seller?

And relying on USPS's estimated delivery is like relying on a psychic's ability to predict winning lottery numbers.

* Successfully tracking e Bay international shipment with UPAAA tracking number I am posting this here since other forum members (and/or people not being members, but finding this post via Google) may find the below information useful.


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