Watchme live masturbate

It has seemed like one of the longest days of my life. I’m sitting here on my bed, with the blankets already turned down. Bucking my hips up into my hand, I drive my fingers deeper.

My tender ass is wriggling against the silken sheets.

My cock at the cleft of your pussy, grinding slowly, teasing you, until you can’t take it anymore.

“I need you to come take care of all these aches and hurts, baby. I feel the zap that it causes from the tips of my nipples deep down into my core, causing my pussy to throb deeply, stirring me enough to quiver. “Think of me there,” you say, “me hovering over you, my lips on yours, kissing you deeply.

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I move my laptop lower, exposing my breasts; all the while, I watch you. My fingers caress over my panties, rubbing against my clit. You had me worried, now you have me hard as steel and I want to bury myself inside you," you growl at me. My fingers begin to squeeze my nipples, pinching them a little with added pressure. My hips begin to grind against myself, working a little faster.