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All of our cats are members of our family and raised lots of love and care.

Loving home with a small dog and cat looking to ad a sphynx to our home.

Once she realized she had a steady food supply and a warm bed she really opened up and welcomes chin scratched and will walk over when she sees you to give you a headbutt and ask for attention.

She may seem shy but when given the chance she is quick to warm up and is eagerly waiting for her forever home so she can continue lapping up the love.

If you adopt Pepper you'll have a very loving pet who will enjoy anything you do and will want to be with you whether it is reading, watching T.

Peggy becomes an object of desire for the men at Sterling Cooper, while Don tries to keep his private life concealed.

When you go to pet him, he'll follow you and rub around your legs wanting more pets.


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