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He claims that Comcast's terms of service do not mention the company's ability to impede or block P2P services. First, he wants it to be declared a class action, because, he claims, it is the most efficient method for a fair resolution and will assist those who might not be able to afford a lawsuit on their own.

The suit also requests that Comcast stop blocking file-sharing Web sites, modify its advertising campaign and basically apologize for failing to deliver on its promise of high speeds and unfettered access, contact all customers and give them an opportunity to retain restitution, return money obtained illegally, and pay damages and legal fees.

Hart upgraded to Comcast's high-speed Internet Performance Plus package in September 2007.

The service is available to video customers and promises up to 12 Mbps for downloading large files like videos and games, according to Comcast's Web site.

it also bypasses the napster model of file sharing because no centralized system exists to be sued, seized, or shut down.

bittorrent has many legitimate uses, but the media moguls see it as a piracy tool of unprecendented threat to the entertainment industry.

other tools similar to bittorrent, such as edonkey, are similarly targeted.