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She wanted us to go to Milly’s, a fern bar/cafe that catered to the lesbians of our fair city; it wasn’t unique, there were several gay/lesbian-friendly places in our metro.Milly’s was known far and wide for its calamari appetizers, so I was okay with going there.Then unzip her trousers slowly (so she doesn’t get freaked out) and roll her bum over to the side, so she’s facing you. Feel her bum – Place your hand inside her jeans so you are touching her bum cheek.

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I’m going to show you exactly how to have sex with a girl… To do this, just make up an excuse as to why you can’t go in the lounge. The tour of the house – If you absolutely feel the need to take her to the lounge before going to your bedroom, then you can do this.

From the moment you step in the front door, to the moment you’re ripping each others clothes off and you’re pounding away like a jack rabbit. I use them on every girl I meet and they’ve worked almost every time (there’s always that one girl right? So without further ado, here’s everything you need: Come in the door, take your coat… You need to constantly be escalating, so the best thing you can do when you come in the front door is get her into your bedroom.

you need to look directly into her eyes, take her glass and place it on the floor. do this for a few minutes and then lie her down, whilst still kissing her. Get more comfy – Move up towards the head of the bed and make sure you’re both comfortable. NOTE: If she stops you at this point, then you’re moving too fast and need to slow down. Lift your top up and try to get some belly to belly contact going. Unhook her bra – With one hand (if you can) unhook her bra and remove it… Kiss her boobs and kiss all the way down to her belly button. Unclip her jeans – You’ll want to place your hand on her naked bum, so need to go under the jeans.


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