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Lisaks inimeste isiklikele positiivsetele kogemustele koguneb maailmas üha enam teadusandmeid, mis süsivesikuvaesema toidu tervislikkust kinnitavad.Kuid nende andmete avalikuks heakskiitmiseks ja kasutuselevõtuks toitumissoovituste koostamisel võib kuluda veel palju aastaid.

“It was too busy.” “Jen should have done XYZ.” “The customers were just grouchy and mean.” Or just a blank empty stare…

Only when people accept responsibility for their actions, they are empowered to change the outcome and make changes in their behavior.

Once in a while, you will run into an employee who will never say sorry for any mistake they make.

Sometimes it is because they are too embarrassed to say anything, but most times it is because they do not think they are at fault for the mistake.

The good thing is that she was doing the fake nice/polite thing so that was kind of a turn off for me. maybe it was better for her that she scared me off.


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